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[icon] It's worse than we thought...
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Current Music:Symphony Of Destruction - Megadeth
Subject:The RL - it eats me!
Time:11:10 am
Current Mood:irateirate
Why yes, I have been obsessed with rl. It interrupts so many, many good things.

Like my pr0n habit.


Have been working. And dating. (only one person! *gasp*)

On that note, I think my boyfriend doesn't love me.

Or rather, he does, but only as much as he is capable, and doesn't care very much.

Where I love him as much as I am willing to and care a LOT.

I'm VERY mad at him right now.


Cuz I'm the good little bitch who busts ass working a 9-5 and gives him most of my money, sucks his cock whenever it comes within range, and sits home alone and is faithful to his sorry ass while he is in the next town visiting family for a week without seeing him ONCE that whole time.

Oh, but that's not why I'm mad.

I haven't seen him in 9 days, and when I called him night before last, he was at a strip club. Then, he calls me and tells me he is giving a stripper a ride home and can't come out and see me that night.

Called him last night - and that motherufcker is in MIAMI. Seven hours away. And guess who's with him? The very same no-good stripperwhore he 'gave a ride' the night before!

And yet, he insists there is nothing going on.

He had better not come within range of me right now.
And I might just hunt her down and kill her for being a whore who doesn't deserve to live.

*very, very pissed*

I'm loading my sawed-off Mossburg pump right now.
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Time:10:00 am
Current Mood:creativecreative
Disappeared again.

Was working 2 jobs and all that. Now have only the one (quit the more stressful one) and am relaxing without the daily bitchfest that job had become.


PS: Finally got my cookie from Kashi. Was not so great, as half disappeared between the post box and my hand. I suspect the giggler who delivered it to me. She thinks it was great, however. I suppose stolen goods are best from someone you know, right?

And - went to the Rod Run car show in Daytona. If you like cars, people watching, or horsepower, you should go. It is fucking awesome. I wish I were a gearhead, but alas, no money or time to learn all these fecking "super intake, super carb, blah blah blah" terms everyone always rattles on about there.

I can still look though, and saw much pretty metal and many big backseats I wanted to test out - but I didn't have a partner, and I don't think anyone would have liked that too much.

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Time:12:02 pm
Current Mood:draineddrained
Yeah, I've been busy.

All is well here. As for the election - I couldn't give a shit less who's president, as presidents are easily ignored.

Just glad it's over.

Ruining my TV watching, it was.

Perpetually tired. Damn job. And I thought unemployment was no fun - employment is worse.

This is why I should become somebody's houseboy/love slave.
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Subject:oh god what a weekend
Time:01:22 pm
Current Mood:apatheticapathetic
I managed to get a job.

I cleaned house. Went out, got a bj and a great lay.

Came home, crashed.

Helped Kitty's hubbie attempt to trim the cat's nails.

Got bit in the testicles while trying to restrain said bastard.

Baby threw up on me.

Then I had a 10hr day at work.

Urgh. Tired. My nuts hurt.
And after repeated washings, the smell of baby puke lingers.

Love the baby. Even like the cat.

Do not want to see either of them right now.

I'm off for a nap.
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Time:10:55 am
Current Mood:pleasedpleased
Johnny Depp wants to nail me! ALRIGHT!

Would anyone want to bang you? by phobia
Favorite Food:
Wants to Bang you:
This many times:27
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Subject:ROTFLMAO 69!
Time:01:16 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

Your result for How astute are you?...

Fast-witted Fox

69% Astute

You're certainly clever, but maybe you're just a bit too quick at answering. Did you add up the pieces of fruit in each answer? Did you count the number of mothers? Did you continue reading to find the last "cow"? You've done really well, though, so go and have some chocolate to celebrate!

Take How astute are you? at HelloQuizzy

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Subject:original fic bunnies are losers
Time:01:02 pm
Current Mood:depresseddepressed
I have been doing a lot of nothing. Besides helping with the bebe.

Tried to beg my old job back. Maybe they will rehire me.

And maybe the baby will poop gold nuggets and we shall be rich.

I need a job. :(
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Subject:Sir Bebe FartsALot
Time:02:49 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
Kashi is going to send me a free cookie.

I took a nap with the bebe on my chest and he kept farting at me.

His evil mother was laughing.

She has been banished to the shower with her husband to aid her.

I am typing with one hand and snickering at my flist with him draped across my shoulder.

I now understand the second purpose of breasts. Nurishment, and a shelf for said bebe.

I'm a bit lacking in shelf dept, so must stop typing.

He sleeps like me, utterly senseless, dead to the world.
I think he will snore when he gets older.
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Time:03:24 pm
Current Mood:devious
Doesn't play music videos anymore.

But...they do play episodes of Wildboyz.

I feel slashy thoughts coming on.
(OMG I <3 Chris's body and Steve's arse - want, want WANT!)

Must stop watching MTV.
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Subject:Quiet Weekend
Time:10:20 am
Current Mood:groggygroggy
It was pretty cool, to just sit and watch Kitty nurse the baby. She's moving around a little better, but still in pain.

Baby's finially latching on both sides and sucking longer than two minutes - yay! Kitty was getting a bit fustrated. He sleeps for hours and hours, then wakes up hungry and fusses around without getting into a good suck.

Lately he's been doing better, but he still get fustrated and rootles and when he does she sprays him and he has to have his face washed.

Most amusing.

According to my mother, he looks just like my baby pics and from day one I was easy to nurse - I wouldn't let go even when it was empty. LOL.

We're all in love with teh baby. :)
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[icon] It's worse than we thought...
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View:Website (Fic Journal).
You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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